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Feature testing for great user experience

Put further developments of your product to the test!

Scalable testing methodology

Offer your customers an optimal experience with new developments for your product through feature testing. We analyse the content and scope of the new function. We integrate the testing according to your ideas and make your project a success!


Our support for your system


Validation of functional suitability:

Our tests can already start at story level and we help to describe the acceptance criteria in detail. We include all aspects of the existing system.

Customised configuration:

In addition to enabling/disabling your feature, we can experiment with different configurations and test scenarios for the feature. This can determine the stability of the function.

Iteration to perfection:

For complex functions, you can carry out function tests at several milestones of the development to ensure that no unpleasant surprises await you at the release and that the new function is a complete success.

Thanks to the flexible collaboration with Appmatics and the high device coverage, we were able to significantly improve our QA process and thus the quality of the Hagebau app.
Nina Wolter Product Owner Apps, Hagebau Connect
You can see the workshop participants through a pane of glass,

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How we work at Appmatics

Three reasons for Appmatics

As a partner in the field of feature testing, we support you and respond individually to the needs and challenges of your system.

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  • State-of-the-art tools and technologies:
    Our team tracks down problems in the shortest possible time and considers all important scenarios.
  • Uncompromising individuality:
    The testing is adapted exactly to your requirements.
  • Performance optimisation:
    We make improvements ourselves on request.

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