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Regression Testing

Keep the quality of your releases at a high level!


Improve user experience permanently

Appmatics regression tests detect undesired effects of updates and ensure consistent functionality. Our experts use automated tools to determine general functionality and compatibility with different platforms and devices. Maintain and improve the user experience permanently with us!

Use our regression testing and benefit from the following advantages:

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    Highest product quality

    Make sure that even after major updates everything works as your users are used to.
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    Cost saving

    The cost of bugs found after an update is released is high and customer satisfaction is reduced - prevent this by testing before you release your new version.

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    Time saving

    For the most part, our tests can be completed within one day, which ensures a consistently high speed.

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    Better customer loyalty

    The publication of high-quality products strengthens the confidence of customers and increases customer loyalty.


Increase the quality of your


Start now!


  • Relief for the development team: We take over time-consuming work while your team concentrates on its core competencies.

  • Loyal customers: A flawless product ensures excellent user experience and satisfaction.

  • Business success: We ensure that your product meets all compliance requirements.

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