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Test Automation

We increase the performance of your QA through automated testing on real devices in frontend, backend and through monitoring. 

Efficient and stable
development cycles

Automated testing can be integrated into different phases of software development. We will find the right time and the right solution for you.
Test automation can save time and money. Our tests interact with your system on real devices and simulate user input. Errors are detected in real time and you will receive the results right away. This ensures more stable development and maximum quality for your product. 

Test Automation Pyramid. Code level - unit tests - test review. API level - integration & system tests - load & performance tests, functional API tests, API monitoring. GUI level - E2E tests - regression tests, data-driven tests, end-to-end monitoring


Test Automation on all levels

Test methods at different levels of the test pyramid ensure structured and cost-efficient QA. At the code level, unit tests can be used to quickly isolate and check individual functions. At the API level, integration tests and system tests provide information on whether all interfaces work and the quality of performance is ensured. At the GUI level, user interaction is simulated and the overall availability and performance of the system is monitored by end-2-end tests. 

Tools & languages we work with


Programming languages

Tools: GitLab, Postman, StormForge, K6, Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, Cucumber/ Gherkin, Cypress, Pytes, X-Ray, Jira, JUnit, Appium, Robot, TestNG
Programming languages: Java, C-Sharp, Kotlin, JavaScript, PHP, Groovy, TypeScript, Python


Solutions by test automation


High demands on your features: How to ensure the functionality of your application. 

Learn more about GUI Testing 


Maintain the quality standard of your product: Test the interaction of interdependent components of a complex system.

Learn more about API & Integration Testing 


Your system is under a high (work) load: This is how you check whether a large number of users can access it.  

Learn more about Load- and Performance Testing  


Comprehensive monitoring of your application: Always keep an eye on the current, functional status.

Learn more about End-to-End-Monitoring  




GUI Testing

Do you want to improve your QA processes sustainably and save time and costs? Our GUI tests give you insights into what your users think, while we record the performance of your product in real time.  

Through Test Automation more tests can be carried out in less time. This leads to an increase of test coverage, because scenarios can be tested that could be overlooked manually or not covered due to time constraints.

GUI Testing


Time-money icon

Long-term time and cost savings
The tests can be carried out quickly and repeatedly, allowing faults to be detected and rectified at an early stage.

Stopwatch time icon

Fast execution
Automated tests can process large amounts of data faster compared to manual tests and perform complex calculations.

Path Fork icon

The tests can be run in parallel on several devices and are not tied to sequential execution.


Dedicated & real devices
Realistic factors such as network speed and hardware properties can be integrated through tests on selected devices.


GUI Testing

The ideal time for use

Regression tests

By automated regression tests, testers can focus on complex scenarios and exploratory testing. This improves test quality and allows potential problems to be investigated more thoroughly.

of structured content

GUI tests are suitable for content-rich apps and websites in which the individual areas are structured in the same way, for white label solutions or for testing the same app/website in different languages.
Data-driven tests
GUI testing is worthwhile for test cases with lots of different input data, as the consistent and fast execution significantly increases test coverage.

GUI Testing

Our most frequent use cases

We use GUI testing particularly for the QA of media libraries, in e-commerce, for newspapers, in the tourism industry or for our partners in public transport.

Icon_Screenmedia libraries

Icon_airplane suitcasetourism

Icon_Globe shopping carte-commerce

Icon_Trainpublic transport



API & Integration Testing

You don't develop all the interfaces of your system yourself? Is your system based on numerous microservices? And the external interfaces have a negative impact on customer feedback? Our API and integration tests will help you to ensure that the API delivers the right data and responds appropriately to requests. 



API & Integration Testing


Stopwatch time icon

Faster developmnent cycles
Automated API tests validate changes faster and ensure the correct functioning of existing integrations.

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High test coverage
API tests offer comprehensive test coverage of all possible scenarios, from regular user interactions to negative tests.

_List magnifying glass icon

Early error detection

API tests can already be used in the development phase and identify errors before they go into production.

_List gearwheel icon

The tests serve as living documentation for API by describing the usage and expectations of different endpoints.

Mockup_Smartphone_Dashboard Performance view


API & Integration Testing

The ideal time for use

_Haken_circle_outline_redIntegration of third-party providers
API testing checks the smooth and reliable communication of external interfaces.
For APIs between the microservices, tests ensure that communication between the microservices is error-free and that each service fulfills its function properly.
_Haken_circle_outline_redMobile applications
For customers with mobile applications, API testing improves app performance and reliability.
_Haken_circle_outline_redSingle-Page Applications (SPA)
SPAs often use APIs to communicate with the backend and exchange data. API testing ensures correct interaction (data transfer, authentication, authorization).
API & Integration Testing

Our most common use cases

Our API & integration testing is often used for ticketing, media libraries, in the real estate industry, in e-commerce, for banks and insurance companies.



Icon_Screen Playbutton

media libraries


real estate


Icon_Globe shopping cart


Icon_Sack Euro sign

banks & finance

Icon_Hand protective shield





Load- & Performance-Testing

Is your app or website expected to see increased access from your users, for example due to discount promotions or the launch of a new product? Our non-functional software tests check the performance of your system under a high workload. In the test scenarios, we incorporate the behavior of your target group using various scenarios. 

Load- & Performance testing


Hand-heart-gearwheel icon

Optimizing the use of ressources
Load testing enables bottlenecks and inefficient processes to be identified and rectified at an early stage.

Battery loading screen icon

Ensuring low loading times
Load and performance tests ensure that the loading time is within a range that improves user satisfaction and reduces bounces.

_Eye icon

Unbiased perspective
Load testing provides an objective and unbiased assessment of a system's performance.

Mockup_Smartphone_Bar chart


Load- & Performance-Testing

The ideal time for use

_Haken_circle_outline_redBefore the start of production
Load tests ensure that an expected load can be handled by the system before it goes live.
_Haken_circle_outline_redBefore marketing campaigns
Load tests ensure a high level of user satisfaction, especially with increased traffic from marketing campaigns.
_Haken_circle_outline_redAfter adjustments to the code or software
After changes to the product, a load test helps to check the effects on performance.
_Haken_circle_outline_redDuring planned peak times
Before peak times, e.g. for releases or during campaigns, load tests are an indicator of how to cope with increased demand without any loss of performance.
Load- & Performance-Testing

Our most frequent use cases

Load and performance tests are suitable for use cases such as insurance, marketing campaigns, e-commerce, broadcasting, online trade fairs or auctions.

Icon_Hand protective shield


Icon_Megaphone Social Media Logos

marketing campaigns

Icon_Globe shopping cart





Icon_Presentation Screen

online events



Load- & Performance-Testing

Suitable methods

Stress Testing

Capacity tests gradually increase the load to find the system limits. Small steps provide more accurate results.



Soak Testing

Detect long-term stability and performance: Through continuous testing under constant load, long-term problems such as memory leaks and bottlenecks in the database can be detected and rectified.



Spike Testing

Simulate advertising campaigns by generating a peak load. The system is tested for sudden load changes and its performance to check its resilience. This prevents your users from bouncing.




End-to-End Monitoring

Are you currently registering system failures mainly due to customer complaints? Do you lack insight into the functionality of all system components and any irregularities? In end-to-end monitoring, we provide you with an insight into your application for early error detection. 



End-to-End Monitoring



Insights into the customer's perspective
All applications are viewed from the user's perspective.

_Media Video Mobile Icon

Videos/screenshots for debugging 
Screenshots and videos allow errors to be reproduced quickly.


Real devices

By using real devices, the actual user experience can be better simulated.

_Attention exclamation mark icon

Early warning system
Notifications by e-mail, messenger or the automatic creation of tickets in the bug tracker provide early information about system failures.


End-to-End Monitoring

The ideal time for use

_Haken_circle_outline_redEarly failure detection
Failures are not only detected by customer complaints, but are proactively dealt with. 
_Haken_circle_outline_redPrevious monitoring couldn't find errors
End-to-end monitoring compensates where previous monitoring methods were not sufficient to identify certain errors.
_Haken_circle_outline_redMonitoring the services
Continuous monitoring in real time means that any irregularities or performance problems are detected immediately. 
_Haken_circle_outline_redChecking SLAs
Indirect monitoring of third-party services can be used to regularly check whether the agreed service is actually available.

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