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User Testing

To success by user tests


UX analysis by real users

Positive user experiences and usability are essential for successful products and services. In addition to an appealing design and flawless technical implementation, these are created primarily through the optimal alignment of the application with the requirements of the user and your context.

The most effective way to achieve this goal is to uncover usability problems and identify improvement potential through usability and UX testing or user testing.

We at Appmatics recruit, observe and interview typical "average users" of your product by handling it. Thanks to expert interviews, you will receive reliable results within one day and can participate in the observation and analysis according to your needs and own capacities. Afterwards, you will receive a report adapted to your processes and requirements, including video insights into the reactions of your users and suitable recommendations for your further course of action.

Each usability test with ~ 5 test subjects

  • Ensures quality
  • Leads to acceptance
  • Helps to make decisions

Even a small number can make the difference.

Even with a small number of real users as test subjects in a usability & UX test, expensive mistakes and time losses in the technical implementation can be avoided through the systematic use of the method.

Already 5 representatives of the real target group enable the detection of more than 85% of the most important problems in the usability of your product, prototype or concept. This guarantees the best possible return on investment. It makes sense to use this method at any point in the process of your product development.

Examples for possible fields of application and test objects

Everything can (and should) be tested. Because all applications with a user interface should enable the simplest and most intuitive usage. Whether systems, digital products or machines! This can go from the app or website to the ticket vending machine - your users might wonder even about switches and labels.

  • Phones_V2-1


    Apps, Tablets, E-Reader

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  • Browser_V2


    Online stores, Portals, Intranet, Web Apps

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  • usability-ux-icon_software-1_V3


    Application Software, Games

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  • usability-ux-icon-prototypen-1_V2-1


    Click dummies, Scribbles, Concepts

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  • usability-ux-icon-smart-home_V3

    Smart Home & IoT

    Control elements, Device setup

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  • usability-ux-icon-home-entertainment_V2


    Smart TV, Gaming consoles, HiFi

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  • usability-ux-icon-voice-interfaces_V2

    Voice Interfaces

    Voice assistants, Voice control

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  • usability-ux-icon-smart-home_V4

    Household appliances

    Washing machine, Coffee Maker

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  • Mobile Anwendungen
  • Software & Games
  • Prototypen
  • Smart Home & IoT
  • Entertainment
  • Voice Interfaces
  • Haushaltsgeräte

Typical project flow

This is how we help you to truly understand your customers.

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