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Appmatics Consulting

Your partner for software quality assurance, process optimisation and QA strategy

Individual QA strategy

Our team of experts identifies and closes gaps and weaknesses in your QA process. With the help of appropriate tools and methods, we then develop your customised QA strategy. 

Thanks to our years of experience and cooperation with over 350 customers in QA and software projects, we have developed a deep understanding of the most common challenges in quality assurance. Based on this experience, we have developed a holistic QA consulting approach that will take your digital products to a new level of quality and increase the efficiency of your development teams.

Whether you want to set up your quality assurance from scratch or improve existing processes, we will guide you through every step of the process. Our consultants place great emphasis on pragmatism, communication and transparency. In doing so, they develop individual recommendations for action that are realistic and feasible in order to create a test strategy that is precisely tailored to the specific requirements of your company.

With our QA Consulting you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Transparency: Our QA assessment gives you a clear overview of your QA processes and the communication within your team.
  • Improved product quality: We help you to identify and eliminate weaknesses in your QA strategy.
  • Effective QA strategy: Our team supports you in developing a customised QA strategy that is perfectly aligned with the requirements of your product.
  • High efficiency: By optimising your QA strategy, you achieve a more efficient use of resources throughout the development process.
  • Time and cost savings: Our experts help you make your QA processes more efficient, saving you time, money and other resources.
  • Change management: Our effective change management in the form of coaching and training ensures implementation with minimal disruption to productive work. 
  • Information flow: Our experts ensure a smooth flow of information by continuously informing all key stakeholders and systematically documenting and sharing project results.
  • Customer satisfaction: We guarantee higher product quality and customer-centric development to deliver a premium user experience.

This is what the Appmatics Consulting process looks like


Start QA Consulting


1. Kick-off workshop

2. QA Assessment

3. identification of quick wins

4. interim result workshop

5. development of QA strategy

6. implementation and monitoring

7. continuous improvement

In our collaboration, we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of your software and product development processes.

Our approach starts with a careful examination and improvement of your existing processes and structures. We consider various aspects such as efficient bug reporting and the use of agile testing methods. We also analyse essential QA processes such as release and risk management and create concrete change proposals based on a GAP analysis. 

Based on this, we develop a customised strategic plan that is tailored to the specific goals and needs of your company. We also use performance metrics to continuously measure progress and improvements. 

Our team also advises you on the structure and agile methodology of your QA team, including recommendations for collaboration with other departments. This step also includes an analysis of key stakeholders, including their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

In addition, we conduct technology audits and industry comparisons to ensure that your strategies and tools are in line with current standards.

Finally, we focus on change management by developing detailed plans to seamlessly implement the proposed changes and create an environment of trust and quality awareness.

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