We develop a holistic and optimized QA strategy for efficient and measurable processes in your quality assurance.

Closing the gaps in your QA process

Based on many years of experience, we have developed a holistic QA consulting approach that raises your digital products to a new level of quality and increases the efficiency of your development teams. No matter whether you want to completely restructure your quality assurance or optimize existing processes: our consultants will raise the quality of your software products to a new level.

When will QA consulting be the right solution for you?

Our QA consulting helps you to improve the software quality and efficiency of your development processes.


Increase of development costs

A detailed analysis and guidance for scalable processes will not only shorten the time to release, but also reduce overall costs in the long term.

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Lack of product quality

A lack of test planning can lead to bad test execution and insufficient product quality. Our test strategy helps you to minimize the risk of errors and increase the satisfaction and user experience of your users.


Missing test strategy

Our consultants develop customized test plans tailored to your needs and ensure adequate quality assurance measures at all stages of development.


Delayed releases

A QA strategy based on requirements and market standards avoids delays in product launches.

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Unclear responsibilities

Our consultants define roles and responsibilities to bring transparency into your processes.

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Inefficient processes

The introduction of clear processes ensures a smooth and consistent execution of QA activities and improves the quality of your software.


Problems with communication

A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and a loss of information. Our consulting promotes clear communication channels to ensure that all stakeholders are informed precisely and on time.

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Lack of reporting

Insufficient reporting can affect the timing of product development. We implement systems according to the "single-source-of-truth" approach to facilitate transparency and decision-making.

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In just 5 steps and 6 weeks, our consulting team supports you with an individual QA strategy.


What advantages offers the QA-Consulting with Appmatics?

Maximum transparency through testing intelligence.

  • Increased quality and customer satisfaction
    We build the foundation to improve the quality of your end product and increase the customer satisfaction.

  • Full transparency 
    Through transparent, measurable and controllable QA processes, we establish a trust in product quality.

  • Increased efficiency & cost reduction
    We support you to release your product faster so you save development costs.

  • Pragmatism and speed
    We work in a pragmatic, target- and implementation-oriented manner and ensure a quick implementation of the new QA process.

Our QA consulting

The services in an overview:

Slide through our wide range of consulting services.

  Status quo analysis
  Consulting Workshop: QA Basics
  Consulting Workshop: QA Strategy

  Consulting Workshop: Test Design
  Consulting Workshop: Defect Management
  Consulting Workshop: Scrum
  Consulting Workshop: Tools, demo and implementation
  Consulting Workshop: QA Documentation

Pfeil_blau Status quo analysis

Holistic advice for your QA strategy: How to establish sound quality assurance processes.

Are you losing time and money due to weaknesses in your QA? Our experts can help you optimize your processes. 

  This is how we proceed
We conduct a detailed investigation to gain a deep understanding of existing challenges and expectations. Our analysis includes a close look at the current architecture, clear target definitions, comprehensive process analyses and stakeholder interviews. Furthermore, we integrate expert feedback seamlessly into the assessment to create a comprehensive picture of your current situation.
  Your advantage
A comprehensive status quo analysis creates the basis for the targeted optimization and strategic alignment of your quality assurance. 

Pfeil_rotQA Basic Workshop

Forming the basis of quality assurance: How to successfully implement testing strategies and QA workflows in your team.

You are currently in the process of setting up quality assurance or have failed to implement structures in testing? Together we will shed light on the basis of stable QA.
  This is how we proceed
This workshop covers the fundamentals of quality assurance.  The focus is on teaching the basics of QA and its importance for software development. We outline our basic principles, explain the need for a dedicated test pyramid and types of testing as well as the necessary requirements for implementation. We also discuss the do's and don'ts of QA.
  Your advantage
The QA-Basic workshop achieves a common understanding for a uniform approach to quality assurance in your team.


Pfeil_blau QA Strategy Workshop

Build a strategy for QA: How to structure test planning for more efficient development cycles.

Your team is failing in quality assurance due to communication and reporting problems or doesn't follow a clear structure? We can help you to set up your individual QA strategy.
  This is how we proceed
This workshop provides a sound understanding of how to develop a test strategy. Together we will define roles and responsibilities and set the foundation for your effective QA process.
  Your advantage

A structured test methodology and the prioritization of critical use cases lead to an early integration of quality assurance into your software development cycle.  

Pfeil_rotTest Design Workshop

Test design by plan: how to make your team fit for creating test cases and documenting the results.

Are you facing the challenge of developing clear and transparent testing processes? In our workshop, we train your team by using practical examples.

  This is how we proceed
After a theoretical introduction, we work collaboratively on your test planning and test cases. The workshop provides an introduction to the planning phase and supports your team in creating a test plan, including its application in a test management tool.
  Your advantage
The practical application of the new knowledge enables you to improve your test designs immediately and promotes an understanding of structured test planning

Pfeil_blauDefect Management Workshop

Systematic bug tracking: How your team can identify bugs throughout the entire development cycle. 

Are you having problems with recording, documenting and prioritizing software bugs? We can help you to build the foundations for defect management.

  This is how we proceed
 This workshop defines tasks and responsibilities in the defect management process, identifies and narrows down bugs and establishes a framework for defect management and reporting.
  Your advantage
Centralized tracking and handling of bugs as well as the establishment of clear communication channels and responsibilities improve transparency and traceability in your process of bug fixing.

Pfeil_rotScrum Workshop

Respond to rapid changes in your software projects: How your team copes with the requirements of agile development. 

The scalability, speed or complexity of the Scrum framework are still causing problems in your team? Our consultants can help you to overcome them.

  This is how we proceed
We offer an introduction to the Scrum framework and show you how Scrum cycles are carried out, especially in the context of quality assurance.
  Your advantage
A better understanding of Scrum and how QA integrates seamlessly into the agile software development process will have a positive impact on your team's efficiency. 

Pfeil_blauQA workshop on tools, demo and implementation

The tools of the trade in software testing: How your team can successfully implement a QA strategy.

We take your team from theory to practice. We support you in choosing the right tools and train your team to implement the QA strategy.

  This is how we proceed
In this module, we work out the specific advantages of test management tools, carry out demos and training sessions and define a process for using the tool in your team, including the integration into existing systems.
  Your advantage
The precise selection and implementation of test management tools supports decision-making and optimizes your QA process.

Pfeil_rotQA documentation Workshop

Making efficient decisions in the development process: How to ensure transparent data evaluation.

The reporting and preparation of identified errors and data is a major step in the QA process. We will guide you through the documentation steps to ensure that your decisions are based on the development process..

  This is how we proceed
We document all QA processes, responsibilities and decisions. This allows us to establish a single source of truth and a system for your test reporting that records the results.
  Your advantage
Increased transparency and traceability of test processes lead to a stronger confidence in product quality and enable you to make data-driven decisions for product release.
Daniel Boonk, Product Owner, Eurowings Digital

“Working with the Appmatics team is not only a lot of fun on a personal level, but also ensures high quality in the development of the Eurowings app. This enables us to simplify travel for our customers and guarantee stable flight operations.

Unser QA-Consulting Prozess

Optimiere deinen Entwicklungszyklus durch unseren Consulting-Ansatz

Unser QA-Consulting Team identifiziert die größten Herausforderungen. Durch Expertenreviews und gemeinsame Konzeptworkshops entwickeln wir eine ganzheitliche QA-Strategie. Das Ziel ist eine reibungslose Integration der QA in deine bestehende Softwareentwicklung.

Strong QA ensures the success
of your software

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Ready for your individual
QA strategy?

Work with our consultant quality assurance experts who will help you to develop a customized QA strategy and optimized processes.

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