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Accessibility Testing

We help you to achieve digital accessibility for your app or website through automated, functional and usability tests.

Following digital inclusion in accordance with legal requirements and beyond

The accessibility of websites and apps ensures digital participation, regardless of individual abilities, limitations or disabilities. From 2025, the implementation of accessibility standards for digital products will be mandatory by law. We support you in fulfilling the requirements and making your digital product accessible.

When is accessibility testing the right solution for you?

Our Appmatics accessibility testing concept offers a comprehensive solution for accessible software. We use an accessibility test to check your app or website for compliance with legal regulations and also take into account the real-life use of people with disabilities.

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Legal obligation from June 2025

German Accessibility Strengthening Act (BFSG) requires all providers of digital products to be accessible by June 28, 2025. Our team will help you comply with the guidelines to avoid fines and penalties and promote digital participation.

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Barriers in the real user experience

Accessible software offers all users a good user experience. To achieve this, you need to understand how your target group uses it. That's why we carry out user testing with people with disabilities to help you on your way to an accessible app or website.

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Complexity of the WCAG and BITV standards

The BITV regulation and the WCAG guidelines ensure that digital content is also accessible for people with disabilities. We help you with the challenge of understanding and applying the detailed technical requirements.  

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Lack of efficiency in accessible development

Accessibility standards require precise knowledge and resources.  We support the implementation of a suitable QA strategy to make your accessible development more efficient and to incorporate accessibility as a topic alongside other quality factors.

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Preview blog article Accessibility law

Read more about the legal regulations

From June 2025, digital accessibility will be mandatory for all software providers. Which regulations and guidelines do you need to observe? You can find an overview of all deadlines and legal requirements in our blog article. 

Preview Accessibility Quick Check

Use the free WCAG online quick check

How does your website currently perform in terms of accessibility? Our automated WCAG quick check will tell you. Use the free WCAG test for your URL and receive your personal evaluation.

Preview Accessibility Whitepaper

Learn more in our whitepaper

Are you looking for a compact overview of digital accessibility? In our white paper, we have summarized everything you need to know and give you practical tips for implementing the accessibility standards.


Our accessibility testing services

Our services at a glance:

Slide through our three building blocks which, individually or in combination, will lead you to accessible software:

Accessibility pre-test
  Manual accessibility testing 
  Usability Test for accessibility 

Pfeil_blauAccessibility Pre-Test

Determine the status of your digital accessibility: How to uncover the weak points in your software.

Do you still miss an overview of the accessibility of your app or website? We support you with an accessibility pre-test to uncover the biggest shortcomings.

Our approach:
In our accessibility pre-test, we check the critical cases of your product for barriers and communicate these directly to your product and development teams. The results can also be incorporated directly into your functional and/or usability test.

Your advantage: 
Receive immediate feedback on critical features and use our recommendations for action. 

Pfeil_blauManual Accessibility Testing

Comply with the legal guidelines: How to ensure the prescribed accessibility.   

Do you lack an overview of the applicable accessibility guidelines or is the extensive catalog presenting you with a challenge? We support you in all steps of the digital accessibility check.
Our approach:
We carry out our manual accessibility test using the current WCAG (2.2) or BITV (2.0) guidelines as required and cover all the necessary test steps. We prepare the results in a checklist and in the form of an accessibility bug report so that they can be incorporated directly into your software development. 
Your advantage: 
Receive comprehensive results and efficiently fix the accessibility bugs found.

Pfeil_rotUsability Test

Respond to the needs of your users: How to ensure good, accessible usability. 

Do you want to ensure the accessibility of your digital products in practice? In addition to the legal requirements, you need to consider the everyday lives of your users with disabilities. Our usability testing maps the real-life use of your product and uncovers accessibility weaknesses.  

Our approach:
During usability tests with people with disabilities, you gain insights into everyday use. We recruit suitable test subjects and carry out a user test with the desired target group. This approach supports you on the path to actual accessibility and is therefore specifically geared towards your software and the respective user behavior.

Your advantage:
Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of user testing and improve the user experience of your entire target group through good usability.

Accessibility Testing mit Appmatics

Check the accessibility of your app or website.

  • Quick feedback through pre-testing on critical accessibility cases
    We don't just limit ourselves to compliance with legal regulations, but also include the usage behavior of people with disabilities in our testing. This allows us to uncover errors at an early stage before your users find them. 

  • High-quality bug reporting
    We run through an extensive checklist on the status of legal requirements. You will receive a clear summary of the results and a comprehensive bug report with recommendations for eliminating barriers. 

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  • Transparent insights into the behavior of your users
    We record your usability testing so that you can understand your users' problems. This not only benefits your development, but also increases the importance of accessibility for your entire team.
  • Compliance with legal regulations
    We adhere to the current BITV (2.0) and WCAG (2.2) guidelines for pre-, manual and user tests for accessibility. This is how we ensure that your product meets the legal requirements for accessibility. 
Julia Lüke, Digitale Product Development, WDR

„Appmatics recruited a good mix of users and we were able to easily follow the interviews on site or via stream. This helped us a lot to understand the specific requirements and terms of use and to identify specific problems."

Mehr als 8 Millionen gute Gründe für die Entwicklung barrierefreier Software

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Ready to make your product digitally accessible?

Work with our trained accessibility experts to help you meet digital accessibility standards. 

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