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User Research Services

Improve the user-friendliness and usability of your products or concepts.

Learn to understand your users and exceed their expectations of your product

Positive user experiences and user-friendliness are essential for successful products and services. In addition to flawless technical implementation, optimal alignment with user requirements is also important. The most effective way to achieve this goal is to test the user experience. Get to know our services in this area and create convincing user experiences.

When will User Research Services will be
the right solution for you?

Our UX experts support you in optimizing your digital product to create a positive user experience and make it more user-friendly. 

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Missed requirements of your users

We observe and interview typical representatives of your target group(s) while they are using your product. This allows you to check whether the requirements of your app or website match their expectations.

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False developments and loss of time 

Just 5 test persons enable the detection of over 85% of the most important usability problems. This guarantees you the best possible return on invest. You can start testing prototypes or even before coding. 

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Lack of accessibility

Removing barriers in digital products for people with disabilities is as complex as the limitations they may have. Through accessibility & usability testing with people with disabilities, real barriers can be uncovered and targeted measures can be prioritized.


Business targets missed 

The expectations of a product determine its business success. Usability tests tell you what your users really want. With systematic testing, you can react to this at any point in the development process and achieve your goals.

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Do you want to improve your usability and user experience but don't know where to start? Our team will help you find the right solution. 

User Research Services

Better user value meets corporate success.

  • Increase of customer satisfaction
    User experience testing ensures customer loyalty and trust in your product.

  • Better product quality
    By interviewing users, you can make your product more user-friendly and error-free.

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  • Cost savings
    By improving usability, you can reduce costs for support, training and development errors.

  • Strong conversions and low abandonment rates
    Increase your conversion rate in the long term by meeting the real needs of your users and reducing their frustration by achieving their goals quickly and easily.

Testing of all applications

User experience testing can be used for all applications with a user interface. This applies to mobile applications, websites, prototypes, software, household appliances, smart home & IoT, voice interfaces or entertainment devices.

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Apps, Tablets, E-Reader

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Household applications
Washing machine, coffee machine


Online stores, portals, intranets, web apps


Smart Home & IoT
Control elements, setting-up of devices

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Click dummies, Scribbles, Concepts


Voice Interfaces
Voice assistants, voice control

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Application software, Games


Smart TV, games consoles, hi-fi


Unsere User Research Services 

The services at a glance:

Slide through our user research services:

  User research
  Usability & UX testing
  Accessibility & usability testing


Pfeil_blauUser Research

Your users are the one who decide: Align your product with the requirements of your users. 

To create an outstanding user experience, you need to understand the needs, requirements and goals of your users. Our wide range of tools and methods help you to understand the behavior and expectations of your users and incorporate them into your development process.  

 Our approach
We adapt to your individual requirements. Depending on the chosen method, we conduct in-depth interviews or analyses with users, conduct surveys on your product or observe and interview representatives of your target group during use.

  Your advantage
Rely on our expertise in the field of user research and use our understanding of user behavior for your development. 


Pfeil_blauUsability & UX Testing

Keep an eye on user-friendliness: Increase quality through user testing.

Do you want your digital product to be easily accessible and understandable for your users and be remembered positively? With our usability & UX testing, you can create a design that is tailored to your target group.

  Our approach
Through moderated user tests with suitable test subjects, we identify weaknesses in your design and provide tips for improvement. Our UX experts help you to improve the user experience of your product through the targeted analysis of user behavior. Just 5 representatives of the target group make it possible to identify over 85% of the most important usability problems.

  Your advantage
Create a unique user experience for your product thanks to usability & user testing. Benefit from our cross-industry experience. 

Pfeil_rotAccessibility & Usability Testing

More than 8 million good reasons for digital accessibility!

Accessibility affects all areas of life, including websites and apps. Over 8 million people with severe disabilities live in Germany. We help you reach the entire spectrum of your target group and make your product accessible. 

  Our approach
Combine usability testing with our accessibility testing according to the WCAG guidelines and get the best results In addition, we focus on the needs of users and carry out usability tests with people with disabilities. 

  Your advantage
Combine usability testing with our accessibility testing according to the WCAG guidelines and get the best results.


 Frank Kühn, Distribution Audio and Brand Management, WDR 

"Thanks to the work of Appmatics, the needs of our users are at the center of every development from the very beginning. We rely on the team's professionalism and experience in the UX field and can achieve an optimal result quickly and easily by testing the prototypes directly."

We love



Qualität auf höchster Ebene

“Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von Appmatics macht nicht nur auf persönlicher Ebene viel Spaß, sondern gewährleistet auch, dass wir eine hohe Qualität bei der Entwicklung der Eurowings App sicherstellen. Dadurch können wir das Reisen für unsere Kunden vereinfachen und einen stabilen Flugbetrieb garantieren.”

Daniel Boonk Product Owner, Eurowings Digital

How do we transmit
your results?

You receive transparent insight into your user experience testing. 
We make your results available in real time thanks to the use of digital whiteboards.



This is how we proceed

We support you in optimizing the positive user experience and usability of your digital product. We accompany you through every step of the testing process. 

Professional testing ensures the success
of your app or website

Number_1 Euro 
invests in user testing saves
up to 1.000 € in the development process
Number_more than 200
User-interviews per year
Number_5 test subjects
already cover 85% of all usability
critical errors

Ready to take the user experience of your products to the next level?

Our experts will be happy to advise you individually on your product and work with you to find the right solution to offer your users an outstanding user experience.

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