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Professional App and Web Testing

We accompany your software development project by providing holistic software testing and help you to make your product better.

Appmatics offers you a portfolio of manual and automated web and app testing. Our continuously trained and ISTQB certified employees accompany your software development process from design to rollout. At each level of testing, we accompany you with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and browsers to ensure the highest possible market coverage. We combine manual and automated testing to ensure an optimal result with the highest possible cost efficiency. Here, we benefit from the synergies resulting from manual testing and test automation as well as from the experience we have gained in over 100 projects.

We integrate seamlessly into your software development cycle as well as into the communication and project management tools used by your organization. This enables us to provide smooth quality assurance.

The Appmatics Portfolio

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Manual App Testing

Professionalize your software testing through external app testing at each stage of the development process.

Leave the quality assurance of your mobile apps to a team of trained and certified testers. We ensure consistent quality throughout the entire process and support your developers through structured and explorative testing. To be able to do this, we use a pool of over 150 different smartphones and tablets to reflect the majority of your potential users – regardless of whether it is a native, hybrid or web app.

In accordance with your release planning, we support you in test planning and advise you on the best possible quality assurance, so that you can apply the appropriate type of testing for each stage of development. With our service you can achieve a higher quality of your app at lower costs. In addition to the functionality, you will also receive feedback on the usability and performance, which will give you deep insights into the quality of the app. App distribution and bug export into your preferred bugtracker are establishes according your wishes to grant a seamless integration into the team.

Cross Browser Web Testing

Expert testing of up to 1,000 device and browser combinations for perfect responsive web development.

The quality assurance of websites sets high standards for developers and product managers. Websites are used on many different devices and users expect a consistently positive user experience regardless of the device. The demands of all users are on a high level, so that the possibilities of the different screen sizes should be used. Cross browser software testing is essential in order to meet the quality requirements. With our experience, we develop suitable test plans for your web project and ensure that you achieve your quality standards in each development cycle.

You decide which browsers and breakpoints are tested by us – we only use real devices with real user input. As part of the test planning, we will gladly advise you on which browsers should be covered and which are the relevant breakpoints for your web project. If required, we work together with you in the CMS used and create pages to be tested ourselves. You will receive direct feedback by working together in the project management tool used by your organization or through the integrating in a messenger.

High-performance test automation on real devices

Automated execution of your test cases for constant quality assurance.

Agile development methods and continuous integration place high demands on the testing of your mobile apps and websites. To secure all relevant use cases for each release, we count on automated GUI testing. Our ISTQB certified test managers advise you on the selection of relevant test cases and provide ongoing support in the test case management. For the testing we use real devices to simulate real user input. With our technology stack based on Selenium and Appium, we make it possible to start a test run after each deployment and provide you with reliable results in the shortest possible time. Our reporting with TestNG support contains the evaluation of all your test cases. To ensure the maximum informational content of the bug reports, screenshots are included in each report. With this summary generated from the automated test cases, the identified bugs can be reproduced in a short time and be fixed efficiently by your developers.

By using a scalable infrastructure and open source tools, we achieve a maximum of flexibility: test cases can be run on any number of devices at the frequency you desire. This can either be achieved via our infrastructure or we can transfer it to you, for example, via Git.

End-to-End Monitoring

Automated monitoring of your services. Decisive market advantage through end-to-end monitoring.

With the ongoing digitalization of our world, also the complexity of IT service chains is increasing. Databases, networks and web servers often form a sophisticated network whose connections are not always easy to understand. Therefore, cross-system malfunctions are usually only detected, when the customer reports them. For this reason, we have developed an end-to-end monitoring system that monitors the key services of your application at continuous intervals. As soon as something fails, you will automatically be notified immediately. Pictures and videos facilitate the error analysis, so that a quick reaction and correction of the problems can be guaranteed. This does not only increase customer satisfaction, but also reduces the workload of everyone involved. The gained information transparency helps your support staff to find qualified answers to complaints and makes it easier for your IT specialists to identify the cause. You are still unsure if our end-to-end monitoring is the right thing for you? Then check out our sample use cases or contact us.

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