Manual expert-testing for digital products

We do not only discover bugs, we also improve the UI/UX of your projects.


Reduce time and costs through outsourcing

Testing fast and cheap: With an experienced team of trained app testers, testings become more efficient and release cycles shorter.

Cover more than 85% of your target audience

More than 85% of the devices in their target audience can be covered in a test run, depending on your requirements. No matter if smartphones, tablets, wearables or IoT’s.


Prevent operational blindness

Prevent dangerous operational blindness in your project by relying on external app testing.

Regression Testing

Functional Testing

User Experience Testing


Performance Testing

Best value QA for Smartphone Apps!

Custom-Made Quality Assurance

Short reaction times and qualified test results ensure a long-term successful development process.


Structured Testing & exploratory Testing

Dedicated test plans ensure effective and reliable testing.

Qualified bug reports save time and stress

Tickets are reported directly in your Bugtracker, so your developers can immediately comprehend and reproduce all bugs.

Testruns per month

Found Bugs per month

Happy Users


Love for digital products.