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Agile Testing

We will integrate the ideal QA solution out of our complete product portfolio into your agile development process.

Optimize your development cycles
with agile testing.

An optimized test strategy is crucial for agile software development in order to ensure high product quality. By combining manual and automated testing, we achieve maximum flexibility with high test coverage. We take the best of both worlds and deliver the results directly to your development team - without any coordination or extra work. Our test analysts support your teams, for high development speed with increasing quality levels.


The best of both worlds

Agile testing with Appmatics means full QA support, both automated and manual. We combine the expertise of both specialist areas and support you in implementing the optimal QA strategy and synchronizing it with your agile development cycles. We always find the right combination of different test types and expand manual testing with automated procedures if required. You save time in the development process and benefit from our flexibility and experience.

What does agile tesing offer?

The QA solution for anyone who wants to develop in an agile way.


Prioritization of quality assurance

Agile software development places high demands on quality assurance, we support you with the expertise of our testing teams.


Clear responsibilities

Our agile testers and test analysts ensure clarity and responsibility in product development.

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High test coverage

A high development speed often leads to low test coverage, which can be compensated with the help of test automation.

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When does Agile Testing offer the right solution for you?

Agile development methods, such as Scrum and Kanban, require flexibility, fast iterations and continuous improvement. This leads to challenges, especially in quality assurance. A testing strategy based on an agile approach combines the right methods at the right (development) time.

Agile testing offers you the optimal solution for these problems:

_Absprachen-fail-Icon Unclear requirements & communication 

_Liste-Zahnrad-IconLack of resources

_Hand-Schild-Sicherheit-IconMissing strategy for agile QA

_Zeit-Achtung-IconUnstable test infrastructure


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The QA combination for your agile development.

We combine manual testing and automated tests, so that we get the best of both worlds. We have been able to continuously improve our strategy through numerous projects.

You benefit from our experience and improve your development through:

_Priorisierung-IconHigher test coverage

_Strategie-fail-Icon Integration into your CI/CD pipeline

_Idee-Glühbirne-Zahnrad-IconConstantly updated and maintained test cases

_Personen-Card-IconNo additional project management


How do we proceed with agile testing? 

In our incremental testing approach, the following tasks are carried out in parallel with your software development:


Test design

We derive the appropriate test cases and test methods from the existing conditions.


Manual testing

We accept your newly developed features and carry out structured and/or exploratory tests as required. 


Test automation

At the same time, our automation engineers create suitable tests to approve your features. Thanks to the combination and close exchange between our two departments, manual and automated tests can be interlinked and your processes accelerated.


QA infrastructure

We take care of the creation and maintenance of your test infrastructure and set up the necessary components and tools to be able to carry out automated and manual tests efficiently.



Our experts create test reports and transfer the results to your project management tools. The results of the tests are documented and analyzed and can be incorporated directly into your development.



Wie gehen wir beim Agile Testing vor?

In unserem inkrementellen Testing Vorgehen werden die folgenden Aufgaben parallel zu deiner Software-Entwicklung ausgeführt:

Testcase Erstellung
 Abnahme von neuen Features durch manuelles exploratives Testing und bei Bedarf durch manuelle Regression Tests
Explorative Tests
Testautomatisierung der relevanten Testcases
Erstellung und Pflege der Automatisierungs-Infrastruktur
Berichterstellung der Testergebnisse

Unser QA-Consulting Prozess

Optimiere deinen Entwicklungszyklus durch unseren Consulting-Ansatz

Unser QA-Consulting Team identifiziert die größten Herausforderungen. Durch Expertenreviews und gemeinsame Konzeptworkshops entwickeln wir eine ganzheitliche QA-Strategie. Das Ziel ist eine reibungslose Integration der QA in deine bestehende Softwareentwicklung.

Do you have questions about integrating QA into your agile processes?

Our experts will work with you to find the optimal testing solution for your agile development process.

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