Manual software testing

We test your app, website or software due to critical errors and defects through manual in-house testing on real devices.

Improve the quality of your products with manual software testing  

It all started with manual software testing at Appmatics. To this day, we test on real devices as a team to improve the quality of your digital products. In combination with an extensive technology stack and ongoing internal training, our in-house testers have the ideal conditions to run through structured and diverse test cases. Regardless of your development phase, manual software testing helps you to detect errors at an early stage to save time and costs. 

When will manual software testing
will be the right solution for you?

The Appmatics manual software testing services help you to uncover defects in your software at an early stage and quickly fix critical errors. This ensures that your products match the highest quality standards.  


Loss of time 

Our team uncovers potential problems at an early stage through software testing and supports you quickly with extensive tests. We integrate ourselves into your process flows, so that you keep the timing of your releases.


Cost increase & loss of turnover 

Our test managers get in direct contact with you and report critical system errors with an impact on development costs and loss of sales immediately. This saves you further work after the go-live. 


Lack of capacity & devices

We cover the creation of test cases and test device management, tailored to your target group. Our experienced testers work closely together and isolate the errors, found on all devices and versions. 


High amount of bugs 

After the initial assessment by our test managers, the testing team runs through structured and explorative test phases and reports any errors found in your application in the highest ticket quality. The results are incorporated into your development. In the re-test, we check the solution to the problems.    

Get in contact with our team

Our experienced team ensures an efficient project start so that you receive the first results after just a few days. 

What do manual tests offer?

Scalable tests for your app or website. 

  • Customized tests
    We adapt software testing to your needs and use a wide range of devices and versions. This ensures consistent functionality of your software across all platforms.   

  • Personal testing team
    Our trained in-house testers work as a team on your test runs. You have transparent insight into all phases and receive quick results through direct communication. 

  • Process optimization
    With our many years of experience, we can help you optimize your processes. We facilitate communication channels and establish structures to make your team's work easier.

  • Insights into the system
    By structured bug hunting, our testers imitate your users. In addition, exploratory testing is used to find errors that are not expected.  

  • Integration into your processes
    We integrate flexibly into your structures and processes and support you in the efficient development of your application by controlling and managing the test process.
  • Many years of QA experience
    We know the challenges of software development and use our expertise for your project. You benefit from our many years of experience and best practices in all industries. 

Our manual software testing services

Our services at a glance:

Slide through our wide range of manual testing services:

  Feature Testing
  Regression Testing
  Release Testing
  Agile Testing


Pfeil_blauFeature Testing

High demands on your features: How to ensure the performance of your functions. 

Is the release of a new feature imminent or is a sprint cycle coming to an end? By a feature test, we run structured tests on your features and provide you with the necessary data for your next development phase.  

  This is how we proceed:
Our testers check your features using various test cases and scenarios. Our tests can start at story level and describe all acceptance criteria in detail. To check your feature in isolation, we can also deactivate/activate functions and experiment with various test scenarios. This means you won't be in for any surprises when it comes to release. 

  Your advantage
Benefit from our many years of experience and receive structured tickets to keep to the timing of your feature releases. In manual software testing, we focus on the perspective of your users. 

Pfeil_rotRegression Testing

Maintain the quality standard of your product: This is how you check whether your software works consistently. 

Have there been changes to the code, the configuration or are you developing in a continuous integration process? We support you with regression tests to ensure the stability and quality of your software throughout.
  This is how we proceed:
We identify the relevant test cases for you and set up a test suite. Using a structured and explorative approach, we ensure in the full regression test that your application works technically flawlessly even after changes to the code or software. If necessary, we carry out upstream smoke tests to check the basic function of your system before the regression test starts. Our test cases, broad device coverage and rapid implementation help you avoid regressions in your software.  
  Your advantage
Our proven method enables you to uncover errors and check the solution during re-testing.

Pfeil_blauRelease Testing

Fix bugs before your users find them: So your product meets the highest standard at launch.

Is your product about to be released, a new version or publication? We take over the software testing so that your app or website is a success.  

  This is how we proceed:
We guide you through every step of the testing process and take care of test planning, execution and documentation. Our trained team takes care of the manual tests, and you maintain an overview in consultation with your personal test managers. For complex features, we run several milestones in the development process and carry out functional tests. We map your target group broadly through a high number of devices and depict realistic user scenarios in testing. 

  Your advantage
We hardly need any start-up time for your release testing and can start straight away. You receive your feedback in short response times and we adapt flexibly to your requirements so that we can take on only subtasks or individual work packages for you if necessary. 

Pfeil_rotAgile Testing

Systematic testing: how to protect your product from failures and ensure holistic quality. 

Do you want to keep your product consistently at the highest quality standard, regardless of the phase in the development cycle? In Agile Testing, we combine the expertise of our QA departments, map all facets of manual software testing and supplement them with test automation.  

  This is how we proceed
After efficient onboarding, we take over the holistic test setup. To do this, we connect to your structures, collaborate with your tools and support you on a regular basis with manual testing and supplementary test methods. We work our way deep into your system and continuously optimize the testing process. In doing so, we recognize potential for automation and thus increase the efficiency of your testing. We support you in all product phases alongside your development team. 

  Your advantage
Agile testing helps you to actively manage risk. As a partner at your side, we accompany you through all QA stages in the long term. By combining manual testing and test automation, you benefit from a flexible and efficient solution. 

Daniel Boonk, Product Owner, Eurowings Digital

“Working with Appmatics is not only a lot of fun on a personal level, but also ensures that we guarantee high quality in the development of the Eurowings app. This enables us to simplify travel for our customers and guarantee stable flight operations.”

We love



Qualität auf höchster Ebene

“Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von Appmatics macht nicht nur auf persönlicher Ebene viel Spaß, sondern gewährleistet auch, dass wir eine hohe Qualität bei der Entwicklung der Eurowings App sicherstellen. Dadurch können wir das Reisen für unsere Kunden vereinfachen und einen stabilen Flugbetrieb garantieren.”

Daniel Boonk Product Owner, Eurowings Digital

Manual Testing -
Step by Step

Short response times and qualified test results ensure a successful long-term development process.

Once the project has started, we begin the onboarding phase as quickly as possible. We start by creating a test plan and setting up a suitable device setup. We then form a testing team and start implementing the first test runs. Debriefing takes place after the test phase - you keep transparency about your project at all times.

How do we trasmit your test results?

We deliver your results after 24 hours or in real time. We adapt flexibly to the communication, tools and systems of your development team.
We flexibly enter your results into your bug tracker. You can track the progress of the test runs and development in our dashboard. Our Appmatics portal also gives you insight into the analytics of your project and an overview of all relevant criteria for the test plan and process.  You will also receive a management summary for all stakeholders.

Professionelles Testing sichert dir den Erfolg deiner App oder Website

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