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What do software testers do?



Meanwhile, there are a multitude of apps, websites and other digital products. Before a product is released, software testers and developers test these digital products for potential errors as part of QA testing. Find out here what the work of software testers looks like, what is expected of them and how to become a software tester.


QA Testing: What is that?

QA is the short form for the English word "Quality Assurance“. Quality assurance is a component of quality management. Quality management includes all organisational and technical measures that serve to prepare, support or test the creation and maintenance of the necessary quality requirements of a product or service. This ensures that all qualitative requirements are fulfilled. During the development of a new app, there are often still some errors. Therefore, a software is tested in detail by the development team and a QA team before its release. This is done to minimise the risk of software crashes and incorrect behaviour on the part of the end user. This process is called QA testing. The tasks of testers and the process of QA testing can be very different depending on the company and the type of project. The biggest challenge is most often time. If the development is delayed, there is little time left to test the product extensively and there may be a higher risk of bugs in the digital product.

What are the tasks of a software tester?

The job of a software tester is very diverse and difficult to narrow down. However, the daily work consists mainly of testing software to ensure the quality of the software. A software tester is also responsible for creating a concept. For this purpose, he or she creates test plans and test cases that cover the desired behaviour of the software, which is then used as a guideline when testing the application. In addition to creating the test plans, a software tester is responsible for managing the testing and documenting any errors (bugs) that occur. The recording of the bugs that are found can take place in different tools - such as Jira. On the base of this bug report, the software developers can then make the necessary adjustments.


Automatic tests can also be part of the QA team's task. This is especially the case in agile software projects and in interaction with DevOps. Test automation is done with the help of tools, test scripts or low-code/no-code tools. In addition to programming the test script, software testers are also responsible for executing and monitoring it.


How can you become a software tester?

You are probably asking yourself what qualifications and skills you should have as a QA tester.
The combination of technical know-how, soft skills and interest in digital applications are among the most important qualifications for a software tester. Persistence and creativity can also be an advantage, as often not all bugs can be reproduced in the same way. This is exactly when it is important to find solutions with imagination, knowledge and together with the team and thus limit the bug. As you work as a software tester:in in a very dynamic environment, you should be able to react flexible to new challenges and not be disturbed by stress and time pressure. As a software tester, you are in constant exchange with the QA and development team, so communication skills are an important quality that you should have.

There is no specific course of study for becoming a software tester. However, a degree or qualification in the field of computer science can be very helpful for entering this profession. In addition, the ISTQB offers numerous approved international certifications for software testers. QA teams do not only operate nationally, but often also globally. Therefore, a very good knowledge of English is a must for this profession.

Software Testter

At Appmatics, every new software tester is trained by mentors and receives a detailed training programm. This means that even beginners or newcomers can get off to a successful start as software testers. Through internal and external training measures, our testers are given the opportunity to advance and develop their careers and skills. You want to know more about the profession of Software Tester:In or you are currently looking for a job like this? Then take a look at our careers page and get in touch with us!