App-Testing with Appmatics

We work closely with your development team to quickly deliver valuable feedback that directly improves the quality of development and saves both time and money.



Based on the current version or based on User Stories, we create a testplan tailored to your app.


New Testcases

The testplans are updated before each testrun and are always up-to-date.

Device setup

Based on the user statistics from the App Stores or an analytics tool (e.g., Google Analytics), the device setup is defined for each testrun.

30-60 devices per testrun

Depending on the min. OS version and target audience 30 to 60 test devices are usually sufficient to cover up to 85% of users. If required, more than 100 smartphones, tablets and wearables can be tested.

We become part of your team

No matter if Jira, Redmine or another bugtracker: we adapt to the tools you use and thus guarantee the greatest possible effectiveness for your project.

We fit into your processes

We adapt our way of working to your processes and thus deliver the maximum value.

no duplicate tickets

The status of previously reported errors is checked in the bugtracker before the new report, resulting in fewer duplicates.

App Distribution

The Release Candidate can be send to us either through a service like HockeyApp, Crashlytics or Testflight. Alternatively, just send us the APK / IPA and we’ll take care of the distribution.


iOS Provisioning Profile

In order to install the test candidate on iOS, our UDIDs must be added in the provisioning profile of the app. If the maximum number of devices has already been reached, the Appmatics provisioning profile can also be used for re-signing.

Testruns & Reportings

Fast – Precise – Transparent


Same-day results

Depending on the complexity of the app we deliver the results of a test run within a day. Even with complex apps, you’ll get reporting the next day.



We deliver a detailed reporting with all bugs and all suggestions for improvement.


ISTQB Certified Test Manager

Our Test Managers are ISTQB certified and work on your project according to the ISTQB standards.

Standard processes

We follow the proven processes and standards of ISTQB in order to keep the quality standard of our projects at the highest level.

Our prices

We are happy to send you an individual offer. The price calculator gives only a first tendency of the expected costs.