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Energy & Supply

The changes by energy transition 

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The main challenges 

  • The mix of energy

    A clear focus of the industry lies on the politically issued goal of generating 80 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2050, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent and consuming less energy and heat in general. This task has a large impact on implications for legislation and affects both the energy industry and society as a whole.

  • Digitization and new competition

    Digitization, the ultimate trend of our time, does not stop at the energy industry. The increased use of renewable energies is creating new opportunities for a decentralized generation, while the digital network of the energy industry is forming the basis for innovative business models. This change requires established energy providers to reinvent themselves in some ways, while at the same time it opens up new opportunities for startups and fresh business models. The "map of the energy industry" is continuously changing, and it will be exciting to observe in which direction the changes of the industry will go.

  • Digital transformation

    The appearance of new participants on the market also leads to disruption. More and more markets get changed by new entrants with innovative business models. There can already be found Companies which could play a decisive role in the energy industry of the future. However, it remains open whether German utilities are already agile and innovative enough to withstand potential disruption. So far, they have been largely spared from it. At the same time, the issue of IT security in the energy sector is increasingly coming into focus, which represents a further challenge. It is essential to take appropriate measures to ensure the security of the IT infrastructure in the energy sector of the future.

  • Electromobility

    The transport sector plays a role in climate protection as well, so promoting electric vehicles is of great importance. So far, there are only 1.3 million electric cars on the roads worldwide, although the number of vehicles at this low level is almost doubling every year. This presents a so-called "chicken-and-egg" problem: It is argued that sufficient infrastructure is needed to trigger an increased demand for electric cars. However, this infrastructure will only be built to a limited extent as long as there are not enough vehicles. In some cases, the public sector, such as in Hamburg, will intervene to drive the development of charging infrastructure. A coordinated effort by governments, businesses and society is needed to promote electric mobility and overcome this challenge.

Complex requirements for an industry in transition

So the energy industry is facing enormous challenges and is influenced by intense changes. In this context, energy providers need to develop reliable, flexible and user-friendly digital products to cope with the high fluctuation of the energy landscape.
Appmatics supports energy providers in optimizing digital products and services, as well as to fit them to the needs of their customers. We can help you to develop individual solutions that increase customer loyalty while reducing operational costs.
To do this, we rely on a combination of manual and automated testing to achieve higher test coverage and faster feedback loops. Our focus is on optimizing the user experience and ensuring the quality of your applications. We also support you in integrating new technologies and migrating to cloud-based infrastructures.

... strengthen the loyalty of your customers and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Case example


One example for our commitment to energy providers is our collaboration with a major European energy supplier. The utility offers their digital services. Appmatics provided continuous testing support for the new app development and therefore led to a successful release. Among other things, E2E tests were carried out, new QA processes were established and regular regression tests were performed. Through our central ownership and coordination of the testing activities, the development process became more efficient and we were able to establish a regular release cycle.

  • Successful app release
  • Cost savings through leaner processes
  • More efficiency and regular based release cycles
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