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End-2-End Monitoring

Continuous automated testing of key features.


Stay up to date with end-to-end monitoring.

End-to-end monitoring (E2E monitoring) means the cyclical monitoring of the performance of business-critical functions from the user's perspective. End-to-end monitoring thus aims at the quality assurance of IT services from the user's perspective. The concept is based on the assumption that the quality acceptance of an application can only take place at the point of use and is not exhausted in a quality control of the individual components of the IT service chain, e.g. database, network, web server, etc.. Only when these components reach the user in an overarching manner can faults be correlated across systems.

End-to-end monitoring tends to be smaller projects where we concentrate on selected key features. These are always restarted after a few minutes, whereby we provide permanent reporting on the current functional status of the monitored app services. An overview is provided by a clear dashboard in which all E2E projects can be monitored. Here you can see whether the test was passed and analyse possible problems in the app with the help of videos and screenshots.


Our service

Test case creation for end-to-end monitoring:
We create test cases according to your wishes and then implement them in code. The acceptance criteria can be individually defined and also changed again if necessary.
Advice on end-to-end monitoring:
We would be happy to advise you on which use cases and acceptance criteria could be helpful in your case. Contact us if you are not sure whether end-to-end monitoring is right for you. We will be happy to give you a professional assessment.
The infrastructure of end-to-end monitoring:
We always test on real devices in order to create a test environment that is as realistic as possible. Together we determine a device pool that best represents your customers.
Quick support for questions about end-to-end monitoring:
Any changes to the app or modifications to the acceptance criteria will be implemented directly by us. You can reach us at any time by phone or email.
You can see the workshop participants through a pane of glass,

Curious about how we work?

How we work at Appmatics

Your Appmatics advantage

See what the customer sees: Stay up to date with end-to-end monitoring.


  • Real devices: We only use real equipment and not emulators to create the most realistic environment possible.

  • Customer view: Always keep an eye on what arrives at the customer. Correct errors before the customer notices them.

  • Customised: The test cases are written according to their wishes and individual acceptance criteria are defined.

  • Custom Alerts: Be notified at any time via various channels if the monitoring finds errors.


End-to-end monitoring tools

Due to the high compatibility with other software solutions and IT systems of open source tools, we guarantee the optimal adaptation to your app.

We use a combination of different open source software as a testing framework. Among others, we use Appium and Selenium, TestNG as well as an SQL database and our own function library. This has the advantage that our tests are very adaptable and we can find the best solution for every environment. We chose Appium and Selenium because they work platform-independently and external factors can be taken into account, such as screen rotation.

Use Case for End-to-End Monitoring 

How does end-to-end monitoring work? We explain it to you using the example of the e-commerce sector. 

  • receipt-slip

    Book ticket

    We automate the purchase of tickets, e.g. for flights, train rides and events.

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  • shopping-cart-1

    Buy product

    In your online store we verify the purchase of a product.

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  • receipt-register

    Payment methods

    We keep track of whether all payment methods are available as well as the performance of third-party providers.

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  • shop-star-rating

    Add extras

    We make sure that additional options to customize and change bookings work for your customers.

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  • e-commerce-buy-apparel-1

    List monitoring

    We can use end-to-end monitoring to check in real time whether favorites can be added or removed and whether they then appear as desired in your customers' lists. Filter functions and the display of the correct results are also checked. You can see whether customers are adding your products to their shopping carts - and whether the right products are ending up in their carts. Monitoring also tells you whether search results match the word entered.

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  • e-commerce-buy-1

    Live Data Observation

    End-to-end monitoring can be used to verify that departure times are displayed in the correct format and that real-time data is read. Discounts and offers are validated for their format - are prices or percentages indicated? Monitoring ensures that your customers receive additional suggestions for each product. Native apps, webviews as well as web apps can be tested. We monitor possible account changes on all platforms.

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  • shopping-basket-smile-1-1

    Account access verification

    End-to-end monitoring can be helpful in ensuring that your customers can access the log-in at any time. You keep an eye on whether passwords can be changed and a corresponding email is sent.
    We check the consistency of data across multiple platforms for you. End-to-end monitoring can be used to verify the individual steps of the registration process and test, among other things, whether a registration e-mail is sent to new customers.

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  • e-commerce-open-basket-1

    Further application possibilities

    The check-in, e.g. when reporting the arrival of travelers, can be verified by end-to-end monitoring of individual steps and the entire process.
    You get insight into whether the functions for ratings and comments are available.
    Regardless of the format of the file, you will find out if downloads are possible.
    In the product view, the monitoring shows whether all data is loaded correctly and whether the most important information is available.

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