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Load and Performance Tests

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Load & performance tests are an important part of the software development process. These are non-functional software tests that check the performance of a system under various high workloads. This involves simulating multiple users accessing an application at the same time. This allows quality assurance of the performance of their services based on actual customer behaviour. Load test reports can be used to improve loading speeds and ensure stability even with high user numbers. For example, newsletters, posts on social media channels or promotions can trigger an abrupt increase in traffic to your system, which can result in a crash. With load and performance tests, you can make sure that your system can withstand a certain number of users and develop strategies in case problems occur. With our service, you get a comprehensive solution that improves the performance of your software and identifies potential problems.

Characteristics of performance tests

  • Stress testing
    Capacity determination through increasing load - During the stress test, a worst-case scenario is first configured. Then the load is increased step by step until the system can no longer withstand it. The smaller the steps are chosen, the more accurate the test results are at the end. The aim is to determine the capacity of the system and find possible bottlenecks.


  • Soak testing
    Identify long-term problems with a constant load - Soak testing verifies the stability and performance of a system. A constant load is applied over a longer period of time. This allows long-term problems such as memory leaks and database resource usage to be identified and fixed.


  • Spike testing
    Simulate typical load behaviour in advertising campaigns - Spike testing simulates a load peak that can be triggered by a newsletter, for example. In a short period of time, the load is greatly increased and the system's behaviour is tested for performance. The aim is to find out whether the system is able to process a dramatic change in load. 


Through our load & performance tests, you benefit from the following advantages:

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    Improved user experience

    Together we ensure the optimal user experience. A faster and smoother application leads to fewer bounces and delighted users. 

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    Increased stability

    Together we identify bottlenecks and weak points in your application. Both from a software and hardware perspective. This way, total or partial system failures can be avoided and the stability of the application can be guaranteed. 

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    Resource optimisation

    Based on the results, appropriate measures are defined in relation to the resources. Be it the adjustment of resources to avoid failures and errors or even the saving of resources so that you can save costs.

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    Unworried into the next campaign

    With our service, you can start the next big campaign with a clear conscience. We make sure that your system can withstand the onslaught of old and new users.

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How we work at Appmatics

Five reasons for Appmatics

As experts in the field of load & performance testing, we put your system to the test and help you improve the software.

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  • Identification of bottlenecks and weaknesses in the software
  • Improving the user experience through a faster and more reliable application

  • No loss of revenue by avoiding downtime and poor performance

  • Cost savings after optimising resource use and reducing downtime

  • Protect the reputation and image of the company by providing a high quality application

Our approach

1. Goal setting: Together with you, we define the goals and requirements for your system and the load and performance tests. the load and performance tests.

2. Test definition: Based on your goals and requirements, we design and implement the test. In doing so, we are guided by existing data and the actual behaviour of the user.

3. Preflight and fine-tuning: To ensure that the big performance test fully meets your requirements, we sit down with your developers to put the finishing touches to the test.

4. Test execution: We test and monitor the performance of your software to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks.

5. Analysis and measures: We assess the results of the test and create a detailed report. This contains all weaknesses and bottlenecks as well as recommendations for improving the performance of your software.

6. Repetition: We are happy to repeat the tests with you. For short-term measures, a repetition on the same day is possible.  For longer-term measures, we will find a suitable date for you together. 

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