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Milestone Testing

Full control of the progress of your software projects.


Take your software development projects to the next level with our Milestone Testing Service. Our unique service enables you to optimally plan, monitor and control your projects. You can always follow transparently the current status and progress, any time.


Achieve your goals faster and effective. We take care of you and your team!

Why Milestone Testing is the right solution for you

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    Maximum of control

    Milestone Testing allows you to monitor the progress of your project in real time and easily reach the next milestones. At the same time, you keep control over the project at all times and make decision-making processes more efficient.

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    Detect errors just in time

    Save valuable resources by fixing problems at an early stage. Milestone Testing detects bugs before they affect other areas of the project or your customers.

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    Reduced technical debt

    By testing at each milestone, you can ensure that no unknown legacy issues are carried forward into the next project phases.

Reach your milestones early
with our testing service.

  • Full transparency: Control through careful test plans

  • Expertise: Competent consulting in software development

  • No worries: Regular updates on your project

  • Always one step ahead: We can provide optimization suggestions whenever you want to

  • Resource-saving deployment: The right setup for every milestone


Our Milestone procedure

  • Definition: The milestones of your project are clearly formulated and recorded.

  • Planning: All tests are scheduled individually based on the defined milestones.

  • Execution: Milestone testing allows you to identify potential sources of errors at an early stage and to reach your target points in time..

  • Constant monitoring: The progress of your project is continuously monitored in order to detect possible deviations immediately.

  • Reporting: We record test results and possible problems in a transparent report for you.

  • Optimization: Improvements are made based on the test results.

Do we have your interest?

Let's define milestones

You want to know how a customized solution for your project could look like? Contact us now! Together we will bring your digital project to success.

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