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Automatic UI Testing

Increase the quality of your user interface and avoid manual error sources.


You want your applications to run smoothly and be of high quality? So UI Test Automation is exactly what you need! At Appmatics we provide automated GUI tests. With these, your applications are always up to date and leave no room for weaknesses.


Automated tests ensure permanent monitoring of your application - at any time!

Why GUI Testing is the right solution for you

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    UI test automation ensures the reliability of your product. Errors can be detected and fixed at an early stage. 

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    Test coverage

    Our automation means that no area is neglected. For more individuality, we supplement with manual testing if required.

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    Close collaboration

    We accompany you at every step of the process and learn to understand your software. This way we can anticipate errors and adapt use cases.

Your personal advantages at a glance


  • Automation of the testing process saves time and costs

  • Early problem diagnosis improves products sustainably

  • Human errors are reduced by GUI test automation

  • Pleasant user experience leads to loyal customers

  • Concentrate fully on the further development of your application!


Our approach

  1. Requirement analysis: First, we analyze the UI testing requirements and identify suitable tools and frameworks for the automation process.

  2. Creation of test cases: We cover the entire functional scope of the user interface with our test cases to ensure that all requirements are saved.

  3. Automation of tests: we then automate the test cases using GUI test automation tools and frameworks to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process.

  4. Evaluation of results: Finally, we review the results and provide detailed reports and recommendations. In these, we identify any issues or bugs in the user interface so that they can be fixed.

Do we have your interest?

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You want to provide your customers with a smooth and error-free user experience? We are happy to put your application through its paces!

Contact us now and let us successfully implement your project together.

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