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UX Design & Concept

Increase user satisfaction and maximise your conversion


UX design and conception

We offer a comprehensive UX strategy that is specifically tailored to the needs of your users. So you can effortlessly build a distinctive brand!

Our certified team of expert UI/UX designers and conceptual designers use innovative design and analysis tools to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and provide an excellent user experience.

Four reasons for Appmatics:

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    High customer loyalty

    Through simple, intuitive navigation and an appealing user interface, you significantly increase the satisfaction of your customers.

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    Higher conversion rate

    Address your target group with an optimised design and thereby achieve increased conversion rates.

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    Comprehensive advice

    Together we develop a UX strategy that focuses on the needs of your users and ensures a positive user experience.

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    Unique brand

    With Appmatics, your branding stands out from the competition. With customised design, you'll hit the spot with your target audience.

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Testing Usability & User Experience - Combined Methods for Sustainable Success

Look at how to test success!

Our UX design services include:

  • UX conception: We develop a comprehensive concept that takes into account the needs of your target group and the goals of your company. This ensures that the system is easy for users to understand and that the user experience is seamless and positive.

  • UI/UX design: We create user-friendly designs that reflect the image of your company. With intuitive interaction patterns and an appealing visual design, we ensure an optimal user experience.

  • UX Optimisation: We optimise existing designs to achieve higher user satisfaction and conversions. Using our tools and experience, we bring your design up to date. Our goal is to get the best out of your UX.

From the idea to the user interface

Our UX Methods & Services

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    Target group analysis

    The basis of all successful digital products is a deep understanding of the associated target group(s) - we conduct analyses of the (potential) users and explore their ways of use. In this way, we always put ourselves in the heads of the end users during the process.

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    Stakeholder­ management

    Since we pursue a holistic approach, we naturally bring all other stakeholders on board in addition to the users. To this end, we bring decision-makers, technical implementers, business representatives and our conceptual thinkers together at one table and on a common level through workshops.

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    Competitor Analysis

    Competitive analysis provides us with strategic insights into the features, functions, flows, and feelings that your competitors' design solutions evoke. By analyzing your competitors' products, we can strategically design solutions so that the product you are targeting is superior in outcome.

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    Wireframes and prototyping bring the concept to life. They represent early visualizations of the system to be developed or system sections - without writing a line of code. As a very authentic image of the final product, solutions can be tested cost-effectively.

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    Design evaluation

    With the help of real users, we evaluate the concept and design of the prototype in the various development phases - the findings are continuously incorporated into the user interface (UI) as iterations. In this way, we ensure that the requirements of your users are actually met.

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    Documentation & Handover UI

    As a basis for the subsequent implementation, we ensure detailed documentation. Also through the desired inclusion of the technical implementers as stakeholders of the concept, only solutions are designed from the beginning that are implementable and ensure a seamless handover.

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Your advantages at a glance


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  • Improve the user experience

  • Minimise aborts and bounces

  • Increase the usability and user experience of your system

  • Increase your visibility through an appealing and user-friendly website

  • Reduce costs by reducing the need for post-publication adjustments

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How we work at Appmatics

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We offer you the best possible UX design and concept services to make your business successful. Contact us today and find out how we can provide your target audience with an excellent user experience.
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